Power of 'why': Dolphins encourage QB Josh Rosen to ask more questions

DAVIE, Fla. -- Josh Rosen's favorite question is "why?" and he won't apologize for it.
The new Miami Dolphins quarterback is trying to rewrite his narrative after a tumultuous 2018 season with the Arizona Cardinals. Yet Rosen believes his inquisitiveness is a part of what makes him special, and something he refuses to change.
"I will not run a play on a football field unless I know why we're running it and what we're trying to accomplish," Rosen said in November. "That's just how I function. I don't run a 4.5 [-second 40-yard dash], so if things go bad, I can't just hit the exit button. So I like to understand a playbook in its entirety."
Fair or not, Rosen's propensity to question his coaches on the reasons behind certain plays and scheme decisions earned him criticism in the past.
The power of "why" is important for Rosen, and early indications show Dolphins coaches are encouraging their young quarterback to ask questions about anything and everything. That could be huge news for Rosen and his development.