Lowe's winners and losers: Russ, Dame, unsung heroes and the Warriors

With the first round nearly over, let's cruise through some winners and losers -- with a focus on teams we haven't written about yet, or aren't writing about ahead of Round 2.
The only important question for the Thunder after their third straight post-Kevin Durant flameout is whether this season signals the beginning of a long-term decline for Westbrook -- and what, if anything, they can do if they believe it does.
It's not really that Westbrook -- after four knee surgeries in six years -- is perhaps the worst high-volume 3-point shooter ever. He is, but that's almost trivial -- a punchline. He has always been a bad 3-point shooter; he's just worse now, so bricky that opponents are braver taking an extra step away from him when he doesn't have the ball. And as has been the case for the entirety of his career -- see last season's version of this same column -- Westbrook has never been much interested in making himself useful when he doesn't have the ball.