Reeve has strategy to prolong run for aging Lynx

MINNEAPOLIS -- Their memories are fuzzy for something so important. Pinpointing exactly when Minnesota Lynx coach Cheryl Reeve told Seimone Augustus, Lindsay Whalen and Rebekkah Brunson they would never be traded escapes them. Two years ago, maybe? Three?
The main thing is Reeve promised the trio of iconic Lynx players they never had to worry about wearing another WNBA uniform. Whenever they chose to retire, it would be as Lynx. The conversations were private, and the Lynx never discussed them publicly. Until now.
"We're going to ride it until the wheels fall off," said Reeve, also the club's general manager, in a conference room at Minnesota's Mayo Clinic Square practice facility before training camp opened. "When I say ride it until the wheels come off, I want to sprint to the finish line, not limp to the finish line.
"It's been communicated to Glen [owner Glen Taylor], that's what I want. They will never be traded. If they ever came to me and said they wanted to be traded, that's a different story. But as far as our organization's commitment to them, they don't have to worry about that."
Seems obvious, right? But athletic denouements rarely go as they should. Think Johnny Unitas as a Charger, Willie Mays as a Met, Kevin Garnett in his final go-round with the Timberwolves.