Five observations from the 2017 WNBA draft

NEW YORK -- It was sort of odd that with the WNBA draft taking place at Samsung 837 in Manhattan, just a little over a mile from Madison Square Garden, the Liberty were not a draft story.
New York didn't have a first-round pick, and neither did Indiana, Phoenix or Seattle. Instead, three teams -- San Antonio, Chicago and Dallas -- had seven of the 12 picks and set the tone for the draft. There were rumors right up until the draft started that there would be a trade or two, but as of the evening's end, none had happened.
The shadow of next year's blockbuster draft loomed a little over this one; teams are wary of trading away a 2018 first-round pick because the field will be so good. That might have ultimately hindered trades, at least for now.
The WNBA season is a month away, and all those who were drafted in the league's three rounds Thursday will start the difficult process of actually making a team. It won't be easy, especially for anyone taken after the first round.
But there were some players chosen who should be able to help their teams, some immediately. Here are five things that stood out from Thursday's draft.
San Antonio and Dallas were the two worst teams in the league last year, and both were looking for immediate help from this draft. Did they get that?